About Us

purple patch projects 

Who we are

We develop strategies, create content, build products, assist small and large businesses, design systems. We pride ourselves in bridging that gap that most businesses struggle with, in terms of project management with operational assistance and recruitment services.

  • rico@purplepatchpjx.co.za

    contact: 071 877 1946

How We Work



Each of our divisions have members who specialize in that specific field. Clients contact the division and we start a dialog to see how we can assist you.



Should you need assistance managing a project, one of your Project managers will be readily available to discuss how we can tackle your project in the most efficient manner possible. We provide our Clients with teams that can assist them to complete their projects/contracts. Be it a Hr or field specialized teams , we can meet your need.



Through the entire process, all work is monitored, data is recorded and safeguarded for the clients requirements and use.  This makes it easier for our clients to process invoices, payslips and create projections for business forecasts.

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